At Monarch, we believe in the best possible start for you and your baby. This begins even before you give birth.

Instructed by our exceptional Monarch team members,  “Baby’s First Weeks: Parenting and Breastfeeding Workshop” guides expecting parents through what to expect from delivery to the first couple of weeks at home with the newest member of your family.

The class is to be attended prenatally in your third trimester, and will review what to anticipate postpartum both for mom, and for baby. Through expert advice from our Lactation Consultants, “Baby’s First Weeks” will build confidence and realistic expectations for the breastfeeding process. Whether it’s changing diapers, maternal health, newborn bath, or a breastfeeding plan, we want to offer you all the support you need before the baby arrives.

Class is offered on the first Tuesday of every month from 530pm for 2 hours at a cost of $45 per family plus applicable taxes. Registration and payment is required in advance over the phone or in person to hold your spot.