Working with the Community for a Better Way

Monarch Centre’s newborn and maternal health-care model works hand-in-hand with community-based physicians and is uniquely focused on the first weeks of your baby’s life. It is our goal to provide the best start possible, with assessments that provide the foundation for continued good health.

Monarch Centre works with both your hospital physician and your community physician in order to coordinate care and manage communications. Within the circle of care, we will share initial records, important updates and key discharge information. Once we coordinate and collaborate with your community health provider (OB, family doctor, paediatrician, nurse practitioner) you will be transitioned back to their care. For families without MDs, Monarch helps to find Primary Care Doctors in the community, and we will help you find a doctor who fits your needs. At Monarch, we have strong linkages with community and institutional partners from medical specialists to local hospitals to community programs and beyond.

Monarch’s model is founded on establishing strong linkages and open communication with our community partners —for the best start possible.