Air Transat`s 524 pilots operate a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft based in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. If the proposal is not in the interests of the pilot group, the MEC will continue the formal negotiations that are expected to begin this month. Behind the scenes, pilots were also busy preparing for a possible sale. In accordance with Chapter 45 of the ALPA Management Manual, the MEC established a merger committee that also worked closely with ALPA staff, including experts in mergers, contract law and contract negotiation. The union says that of the 91 percent of pilots who voted, 82 percent supported the preliminary agreement that was reached on February 23. The MEC has asked management to submit a fully calculated proposal, but has not yet received a response. If the CME is retained, it will work with ALPA`s economic and financial representation and analysis services to determine the benefits of each proposal. If the proposal is to be in the best interests of the pilots, the MEC will hold street performances followed by a vote to ratify the pilots. In early January, before the public was informed of a possible sale of the airline, the pilots` Master Executive Council (MEC) leaders set their priorities for the year: to focus on important safety issues, including safety management systems, the timing and implementation of recently announced updates on pilot flight and duty time rules. Shortly thereafter, Transat announced an exclusive 30-day negotiation with Air Canada. At the end of these 30 days, the airline and Air Canada issued a joint statement announcing that they had reached a final binding agreement, which was unanimously approved by Transat`s Board of Directors. MONTREAL — Air Transat pilots overwhelmingly approved a five-year collective agreement that the Air Airline Pilots Association says includes “substantial” improvements. Following the successes in 2018, Air Transat pilots began in 2019 with a strengthened unit, a stronger volunteer network and a number of new committee members who were ready to engage with the group of more than 600 pilots.