“This forward-looking agreement provides great momentum to the reform process in achieving the objectives of the constitutional police and promotes the safety of public servants. I am proud to be the leader and to have a large team of officers and employees who are committed to serving our community of integrity while moving our city forward,” said Chief Eden. In light of what is requested in the application, certain provisions of the comparison need to be reconsidered. CASA contains the following suspension and termination provisions: in recent years, the city has reviewed a transaction agreement approved by the Court of Justice, following an investigation by the Department of Justice, which revealed that ODA had a model and practice of excessive use of force. The agreement, signed in 2014, contains 276 requirements for police reform, from when and how public servants should use violence, how to report the use of force and how to review it, to the operation of special units such as SWATs or crisis response teams. The transaction agreement requires APD to do its best to meet all requirements within four years, and if that were the case, the case would be dismissed. After the agreement, the Federal Court of Justice has no direction, authority or control over APD, its employees and is not in the “chain of command.” 9. The agreement provides for the ODA to adopt a new system to bring officers and supervisory authorities to justice for all cases of force intervention with staff procedures implemented and to provide details on how cases of violence are reviewed. It requires much more reporting from field officers and supervisors and also requires detailed audits of these reports in the chain of command within the department.

NCOs and lieutenants need to be much more involved in field inspection and verification of the use of force by officers. Among the main mandates for reform of the regime are: DOJ and the City of Albuquerque announced on 20 January 2015 that they had selected Dr. James R. Ginger – a nationally recognized expert in police reform – as an independent monitor of the settlement agreement reached by the DOJ and the City of Albuquerque to reform ODA. Dr. Ginger and his team are responsible for the independent evaluation of the full implementation of the transaction agreement; accountable for the state of respect for the court, the parties and the Community; Helping the parties resolve compliance issues technical advice when needed for ODA. Dr. Ginger has succeeded in monitoring similar judicial agreements aimed at building community confidence and implementing sustainable police reforms.