The parties retain the confidentiality of the arbitration process and the award, including the hearing, unless necessary to prepare or arrange the arbitration hearing on the merits or unless necessary in the context of an application for a prior decision, a court challenge or the execution of an arbitration award, or unless a law or other judicial decision requires it. Any disability in the agreement has no bearing on the compromise clause and is considered an independent and separate contract. Whereas in the case of institutional arbitration, the parties can only submit their disputes to those institutions on the basis of their standard clauses. The time has come when a more conscious approach can be taken as an online arbitration procedure, as well, and these aspects can make a difference in the times ahead. If the agreement is cancelled, it is a legal principle that governs the fact that the arbitration/agreement clause is considered a separate agreement and therefore survives even if the rest of the agreement is cancelled. In any arbitration proceeding arising from or in connection with this agreement, the arbitrator or arbitrators assign to the dominant party, if any, the legal fees and fees that the party in power must bear in the arbitration proceedings. Section 7 of the Act defines the duration, the arbitration agreement.- The parties try in good faith to immediately resolve any disputes arising from or related to that agreement through negotiations between executives empowered to settle the controversy and who are at an administrative level superior to those who are directly responsible for the management of this agreement. Each party can inform the other party in writing of any dispute that is not resolved in the normal framework of operations. Within 15 days of notification, the receiving party sends a written response to the other.

The opinion and response include, with appropriate specificity (a), a statement on the position of each party and a summary of the arguments supporting that position, and b) the name and title of the executive council that will represent that party and any other person accompanying the executive.