UC articulation analysts check the submitted material, and then we send an electronic notification to Community College and each UC campus. The updated TCA will be published on ASSIST. Joint agreements between the DAC and the CSU and the UC campuses can be considered by the majors, the departments (course) and, if available, the width of general education (GE) on ASSIST. NOTE: Joint agreements will be published on the PHASEd ASSIST site as CSU and UC campuses update their recent agreements with CCC campuses as soon as possible. Each year, we speak to the head of the articulation of each Community College in California to ask for help in updating the CAW. We send general information on the articulation process, a copy of the Community College`s recent articulation agreement and specific instructions for verification and updating of the agreement. Community colleges send us their latest catalogue and a list of new courses (including courses) for review. To get an idea of courses that can be transferred from four-year institutions and two-year non-governmental colleges, refer to the general catalogue for each UC campus or a transfer path agreement (TCA) that UC has with any college in California. Click on your school below to view the UCI 2018-19 articulation agreements. Please note that these documents are temporary guides.

For more information, visit assist.org/ Learn the basics of the UC system`s reach and campus-specific articulation. After using the features currently available on ASSIST, students may also be required to visit the websites of the CSU/UC campus host sites to view campus-specific articulation agreements “by major” or “by department.” (IMPORTANT: Only “large” articulation chords show which courses are needed for a major.) Campus articulation officers are liaison officers between community college articulation officers and UC deans. We partner with universities and diploma programs in several countries to provide you with a clear path and a seamless transition to our RN-to-BSN program. These agreements will help you avoid staggered work and ensure that you know from the beginning which courses meet our standards. DAC has formal articulation agreements with the CS and UC campuses and other four-year regionally accredited colleges and universities in California and beyond. Current course agreements indicate courses in the college community that are comparable or “acceptable” with the corresponding courses on a given UC campus. Access information from the UC campus and articulation contacts. Joint agreements with California universities and universities are subject to periodic and/or annual updates. Students are encouraged to consult urgently with a DAC or academic advisor and an admissions officer from the interest transfer institution to determine the portability of DAC courses. The Main Preparation Agreements define community university courses that meet the requirements of the majors at each UC campus.