Questions relating to the applicant`s age and whether the applicant has children who will live with them are allowed on applications to rent limited age real estate. Under Arizona Act AZ 33-1317(C), landlords are prohibited from renting to applicants with minor children who will live with them if the property is age-limited. The next two parts of this application focus on the reliability of the applicant, both past and present. We start with the chart titled “Have you ever had?” Two columns have been added if there are two candidates, but if there is only one, he or she should take care of the left column. Each candidate must consult the list of questions and then indicate a “yes” or “no” to each question with the “yes/no” column. Be sure to answer each of these questions honestly. The first sentence focuses on your status with previous real estate you have rented and therefore enter a “yes” or “no” to indicate whether you have in the past “paid rent late”, “leave rent”, “distributed” and/or “leave damaged property”. In the last three lines, your legal status is sought. Enter a “yes” or “no” to indicate if you have “convicted of criminal activity” in the past, if you have been “convicted of a crime” or if you have “declared bankruptcy”.

Note: If you have declared bankruptcy, indicate the date in the “Date of dismissal” line. If any of the statements in “Have you already?” apply to you, use the blank lines under the words “. Please explain”, in order to provide more information on the reported situation. If you need more space, you can continue to use an installation or add other lines. .