The procedures for publication agreements are defined by the parties. The terms of pay set out in the employment contract cannot be deteriorated from the conditions set out in this code, the laws, other standard legal acts, the collective agreement, the contracts. Article 215. Compliance of production facilities and products with occupational health and safety requirements An employment contract must be terminated for breach of the mandatory rules relating to its conclusion, in this code (Article 11, Section 77) or other federal statutes, if a violation of these provisions excludes the possibility of continuing the work in the following cases: in cases provided for by statutes and other legislation, the employer must comply with the restrictions imposed on the various categories of workers with respect to participation in the conduct of hard work and work with harmful working conditions, night work and overload; it transfers workers who, because of their health, need lighter work to other jobs, according to duly paid medical results; It sets rest periods during working time; It creates working conditions for people with disabilities, in accordance with the individual rehabilitation programme; to take other measures. Article 385. The framework of reference for trade union commissions If the duration of the employment contract is omitted, the contract is deemed to have been concluded for an indeterminate period. In film industry organizations, theatres, theatre and concert organizations, circuses, with the agreement of a parent (guardian, administrator) and a guardianship body, it is permissible to enter into employment contracts with persons aged fourteen and over to participate in the creation and/or representation of works of art, without harming their health and moral development. The employer informs in writing a person who has been refused the grounds for refusal at the conclusion of an employment contract. It is not permissible to refuse workers who have been invited in writing to the previous workplace in a one-month employment contract from the day they are removed from the previous job. Other forms of good stimulation of workers` work are defined in the collective agreement or in the rules of internal labour regulations, as well as in the statutes and disciplinary regulations.