I2.7 Messaging services with a mts.net, escape.ca or mymts.net are offered by a third party and not by Bell MTS. Bell MTS is not responsible for or responsible for emails and other third-party features and services. The third-party provider may store information, including personal data, outside of Canada. All information stored outside of Canada is subject to general enforcement laws in the country in which it is stored. Neither Bell MTS nor the third party are responsible for the loss of data or emails, unreased data or emails, misdirected data or emails, or the time it takes to transfer data or emails via the email system. Some Bell MTS services, including your 9-1-1 service (“9-1-1 service”), do not work during network outages, even with planned hardware or software upgrades. In addition, monitored home security alerts, medical equipment or monitored communications services, or third-party equipment using MTS bell services as a means of communication may not work, even in the event of a network outage. What is even more troubling, he says, is that consumers do not see a contract if they commit to Bell`s services at the door. On his latest bill, Minichillo noted in small print that the price of his Internet service will increase by $5 per month on April 1 and that his home phone will cost $2 a month.

I7.2 If your Internet plan involves the registration of a domain name or other related services normally provided under the sub-conditions of Bell MTS domain name registration services published on www.bellmts.ca/internet, these services will not be provided in accordance with this Agreement, but will be provided by Bell MTS` domain name registration services in accordance with the terms and conditions. In addition, the term “services” does not cover your telephone line, the extension provided to regulated services in accordance with Bell MTS` Terms of Use, nor access services such as Lan-A, Lan-C Frame, Relay, Virtual Private Network, Megalink or Centrex, provided under separate agreements between you and Bell MTS. Bell is always improving its websites, products and services and developing new features. If you have any ideas and/or suggestions for improvements or additions, we`d like to hear them – but each submission is subject to these terms of use. IN NO CONDITION, A SUBSTANCE IN THE FIELD OF IDEA AND/OR SUGGESTION OR RELATED MATERIAL TO BELL BE SUBJECT TO ANY OBLIGATION OF CONFIDENTIALITY OR EXPECTATION OF COMPENSATION OR ASSERA TO YOU. BY SUBMITTING THE IDEA AND/OR PROPOSAL OR RELATED MATERIAL TO BELL, YOU WAIVE ALL RIGHTS, WHETHER YOU HAVE THE IDEA AND/OR THE PROPOSAL OR RELATED MATERIAL, AND THEY REPRESENT AND BELL THAT THE IDEA AND/OR PROPOSAL OR RELATED MATERIAL ARE ENTIRELY ORIGINAL WITH YOU, THAT NO SELSE HAS RIGHTS IN THE IDEA AND/OR SUGGESTION OR RELATED MATERIAL AND THAT BELL IS FREE TO PROVIDE THE IDEA AND/OR SUGGESTION AND RELATED MATERIAL WHETHER SO DESIRES, ASD OR AS MODIFIED BY BELL, WITHOUT THE USE OR LICENSE OF EACH THIRD PARTY.