Here are the books I return to when I need help, leadership, and comfort in my life. In my work, I am attracted to the essential, the dark, the bottom of my ass. But in my life, like most of us – yes, even you – I seek balance and harmony. Do yourself a favor once – shut up that foolish inner voice and read these three books. I`ve bought too many books recently. Usually, that`s a good thing. This time, that was not the case. The world is in crisis. But it`s not necessary. We all know resilient people who are recovering from distress and living their best lives.

This is the promise of change. Other people get stressed. For anyone who really wants to change their life, but feels stuck, Tony Robbins` Awaken the Giant Within is a must. In this book, Robbins teaches the psychology of change and encourages readers to use the most effective techniques to control their emotions, relationships, finances, and bodies. It`s like I`ve lived 100 lives and only my own. If I remember the books, it means that they had a certain influence on me. If I don`t remember her, why should I recommend her? When you`re old enough, you probably remember the immense popularity of Who Moved My Cheese? Back to the late 1990s. While you won`t see incessant announcements for the book these days, the message remains more important than ever. Dr. Spencer Johnson, who, according to his biography, is “one of the most respected thinkers in the world,” explains how people react emotionally to change, and then gives advice on how to control those reactions in a very methodical way. .