The table below shows some of our recommended offers available on a limited contractual basis. All of them, you can set a spending limit for your plan, starting at only 0 euros per month: the operation of a limited contract depends on the operator you choose, because all networks are different. You will probably need to set the spending limit yourself (a ceiling is not normally set by default). You do this via your online account by talking to customer service or going to a store depending on your operator. If you don`t know where to start, call customer service and they`ll tell you how to do it. But remember: it is UP to YOU to set the desired limit, not the telephone company. If you enter into a capped mobile phone contract, you must continue to undergo a credit check as usual. You also agree to stay on your rate for the duration of the contract (usually for 24 months if you buy a new smartphone). This can sometimes charge you more than you need (for example.B. if you choose an expensive plan with more data than you need, or if you have to choose a more economical plan with too little data and buy add-ons for more data). In addition to the liability cap, you can completely exclude certain categories of liability. The most common example is that of consecutive damages, such as losses, sales, business capped in NEC4 ECC and totally excluded in the fidic White Book and IChemE Silver Book.

However, special attention is needed in the development of these provisions, particularly in the light of a recent change in the judicial interpretation of the concept of “loss of consequences” in contracts, in order to give it a more natural meaning, unlike a restrictive and specific legal importance, which has been traditional for many years.12 The main advantage for capped options is to manage volatility. Buyers believe that the underlying has low volatility and will only move modestly. Sellers want to protect themselves from big movements and volatility. Of course, for the seller, the compromise on volatility protection has garnered lower premiums. And for the buyer, it is the opposite with a limited profit potential and a lower cost than the purchase. Another name for capped options is capped style options. Conceptually, capped options are similar to vertical spreads in which the investor sells a more advantageous option to partially offset the purchase of a higher-priced option. Both options have the same expiry date. While the parties may agree to limit liability for breach of contract or negligence beyond a financial ceiling, liability cannot be excluded or limited in respect of damages caused to the death or assault of a person, breach of trust or fraud and dishonesty. In addition, the liability of third parties who are not parties to the contract cannot be excluded, limited or capped, as may be the case for the client.