13 First steps Connect the Catalyst Dx analyzer to the IDEXX VetLab 1 station. Connect the Ethernet cable that came with the Catalyst Dx analyzer to the nearest port on the back of the router. IMPORTANT: Do not connect the Catalyst Dx scanner directly to the router`s Internet connection. 2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable (from step 1) to the Ethernet port on the back of the Catalyst Dx analyzer. IDEXX VetLab station. Make sure that all scan symbols (except Catalyst Dx) are available with a status of Ready. Enable the Catalyst Dx scanner. As soon as the Catalyst Dx home screen and its icon appear on the IDEXX VetLab dock screen, your connections are complete.

On the VetStat home screen, tap System Manager, and then tap Setup. 4. Use the alphanumeric keyboard to enter the configuration password 207 and press OK. 5. Tap the screen setup on the hardware, and then tap the Ethernet tab. 6. Select Dynamic as the network setting, and then press OK to save the change. 7.

Turn off the VetStat analyzer by switching the power switch to off. Enable the scanner. After the VetStat analyzer returns to the home screen, the VetStat icon appears at the bottom of the home screen of the IDEXX VetLab station. Note: If the VetStat icon does not appear within 3 minutes on the home screen of the IDEXX VetLab station, contact IDEXX Technical Support. Turn on the scanner To turn on the scanner, press the network switch on the back of the scanner. The analyzer must be placed on a flat surface of at least 5 cm (2 inches) between the back of the analyzer and any wall. Choose a well-ventilated area away from apparent sources of heat, direct sun exposure, cold, humidity or vibration. For optimal results, the ambient temperature should be 15 C 30 C (59 F 86 F) and the relative humidity 15% 75%. IMPORTANT: Make sure you have proper ventilation.

The cooling openings of the analyzer are located in the base. Leave at least 5 cm (2 inches) of distance around the machine to allow air to circulate on all sides. 2. Unpack the scanner. IMPORTANT: The analyzer weighs approximately 50 pounds (22 kg). It may be necessary for several people to lift the instrument. 3. Remove the packaging foam from the open service access doors. 4. .