Kroenke is a mega-billionaire and he`s going to be fine, but he`s in a tough situation. Not only did the cost of the palace he built skyrocket, but the city and St. Louis County actually advanced a grand lawsuit against him and the NFL for the Rams` transfer and the breach of a lease. Kroenke has to pay all the legal bills for the league. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the Chargers have a 20-year lease on the site built by Rams owner Stan Kroenke. The Chargers also hold a pair of exclusive options for 10 years after the first 20-year term. The lease is nothing. That would be hard to break. There are all kinds of things that need to be reversed. And while the current agreements are based on 2 teams and a whole series of games, Kroenke made his plans and they were approved solely on the basis of his team, and the Chargers only had the opportunity to participate in all side business to get the owner`s approval. He would have been quite happy to have LA for him, and his stadium can be just as viable. Differences inevitably return to the most controversial subject, and not the most expensive by chance: the SSL prices of the Chargers.

In October 2018, when the Chargers announced the price drop, the Rams felt burned, but Kroenkes StadCo – reported to Legends — the NFL has always promised to hire 20 new SSL sales agents with administrators, bringing SSL salespeople to 40. The Chargers thought personal parity would give them a chance to succeed or, at the very least, have a chance to fight. But in the next four months, no one has been hired on the Chargers` side. In December and January, Legends submitted a proposal with a number of salespeople with fewer than 40 people who explained that the Chargers didn`t warrant as many employees because there was so little SSL demand — a low blow in the minds of Chargers executives. The Chargers invoked the nuclear option by making a written appeal to the league and forcing Goodell to act as mediator. In mid-April, there was a conference call with Goodell, Kroenke and Spanos, followed by a team leaders` meeting on June 20 in New York. The personnel problem has been definitively resolved — the Chargers now have 35 SSL vendors — but it`s still a sensitive point with both teams, the Chargers feel marginalized and the Rams feel embarrassed to bear the financial burden of two teams, one billionaire subsidizes another for an indefinite period. It would be Kroenke`s job to be the only team in town, so he`d probably like to fire the Chargers from their lease if they left the territory completely. And all the agreements that require 20 games per season are with THE STADE as a unit, not with the Rams team, so if the stadium had to redo a certain number of contracts, then what? Any reduction in revenue for the stadium would undoubtedly be offset, and then some by higher revenues than the Rams would benefit from.