I watched John Christner, Herschbach and National Carriers. JTC and Herschbach both have $1.00 buyback at the end of the lease, which is very attractive, but JTC is 4-5 years and Herschbach is 4 years old. It`s a long time to wait before you own the truck, and if you start with a 300-500,000-mile truck, do the bill. National Carriers is only a one-year lease with a $29 to 35k buyout at the end. Now I have a truck of 500 to 650,000 km, and if I am lucky, I will have one or three more years. If I get 2500 to 3300 miles a week, I should be able to put a few dollars in my pocket. One fact that did not appear in the article is that the leasing payment is a deductible business expense when a loan is only partially deductible. I always try to decide who I go with, but I tend to rent a year of national company. The trucks available at JCT and National Carriers are actually the same W9, T600, 389, 378, Freightliner Classic and others. One of the most valuable resources made available to members by OOIDA is the expertise, experience and knowledge of the complex issues truckers face on a daily basis.

OOIDA`s Business Assistance employees are made up of shipping professionals who can assist members with information on topics such as the interpretation of federal rules, warranty issues, lawsuits, and protecting their rights from rental agreements. Other specific points that should be tendered in the lease agreement are: who pays for the fuel? If the lessor pays the cost of the fuel but buys from the lessee, are these actual costs or on supplement? If the owner has mechanical work done in the company`s store, what is the amount of the rates for hours on the ground? Will there be a coin marker? What about accounting fees? I was wondering if anyone could tell me about Daytona`s freight rental program, which guarantees 12,000 miles a month. It`s so true. I have followed this path twice and I still cling to my dream. Dreaming of one day becoming a real owner. I love driving it in my soul, I also love a flat bed, but I have not yet found a good company that will pay and not scam the driver at the same time. I understand that everyone is looking to make money, but not by defrauding the driver who is trying to make money. Hangover. We know exactly what you are saying. My husband and son-in-law started on the Monday after Thanksgiving and got their truck on December 23rd. As a team, you recovered nearly $100,000, but you only received checks (for sharing) for 22,000 $US. for 5 months and 2 months! To hurt a little more, they traveled 140 days out of 152 days this year.

They also lied to us and told us that they have a great health insurance package for owner-operators. You have no other than Aflac insurance. What I would like to ask you is whether you have delivered your rented truck and, if so, what is the impact of your credit? Leasing is often chosen by companies that want to put a commercial truck or fleet into service while keeping the monthly surhead at a low level. In most cases, the monthly cost of a lease is significantly lower than what you would pay in credit rates after purchasing a vehicle. Not sure why everyone wants to make the purchase if you can buy a good used fleet truck with 700,000 miles for between $15,000 and $20,000 which is less than a car depot. If you`re maneuverable enough to do small general maintenance and repair work, a used truck is the right way….