You might also wonder if the confidentiality agreement applies to other related parties and organizations. For example, most companies need to involve lawyers and accountants in their business negotiations. You can also include your funding sources or associated businesses in your confidentiality agreement. EXCLUSIVITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT This agreement is between Mimosa Credit Partners, L.P., (“Mimosa”) and __ Considering that Mimosa proposes XXXXXXX, located on the X Highway north of X Street (“the Proposed Development”) and , while the Owner owns property within the boundaries of the proposed development (“Owner`s Property”) and Mimosa and the Owners negotiate terms for integrating the Owner`s property into the Proposed Development, while being in the best interest of all parties, keep the proposed development confidential until negotiations with the owner and other persons with an interest have been concluded In the property within the limits of the proposed development, Mimosa and the owner agree, taking into account the agreements contained therein and other good and valuable counterparties as follows: 1. Exclusive rights of negotiation. .