USAA declined to tell the News-Express whether financial institutions have authorized the technology, but said they continue to seek “reasonable and mutually beneficial licensing agreements with them.” Step 9 – The account holder must sign this form in the last line of this page. The line is divided into areas where the account holder must sign their name, date the signature, and then indicate their USAA number. Step 1 – Download the USAA Direct Deposit Authorization Form via the button on the right called “PDF”. Step 8 – It is highly recommended to give this account a name so that you can easily recognize it on your bank statements. Think of an easily memorable name, then enter it in the blank line by following the words “How do you want to name the account?”. Step 11 – In the next line, you need to report how often the above mentioned payment should be made for that employee during the active payment period. You can choose only one of the following boxes: weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, 1st and 5 and every 2 months. Step 10 – Most payments are standardized and this form is optimized for these kinds of situations. To start paying the employee in each pay cycle, enter the first empty line on page 2. Indicate the first date on which such a payment must be made using the words “start date”. Then, using the words “end date”,” indicate the last date on which such a payment is to be made. Step 16 – The account holder must sign their name, report the date they signed this form, and report their USAA membership number in the last line of this document.

Step 4 – Indicate whether it is a checking account or a savings account by filling in the corresponding control box. Then enter your account number in the empty box via the words “Account number”. The USAA Authorization Form for Direct Deposits is a standard form used by the USAA Federal Savings Bank to collect information about automatic electronic funds transfers. This form provides the USAA Federal Savings Bank with the information and authorization an employer needs to pay an employee`s compensation directly into an employee`s account. Once this information has been transmitted, the payment plan established by the account holder will continue until SAVINGS BANK USAA has been informed that it has ended or has been modified. Step 2 – Read the information at the top of this page. If you`re ready, select the “Yes” box to indicate that you are reporting your account information and that you have the authority to make or receive payments. You must specify your signature and the current date in the blank line after the word “yes”. Choose “No” only if you have deposited money into an account that you do not legally and/or completely control….