If the wire current were to be interrupted, the messages would be transmitted by the radio current. If the experiment shows the need for an additional wire circuit, this could be achieved by mutual agreement. In June 2004, India and Pakistan agreed to set up a nuclear hotline between the most senior officials in their foreign ministries to avoid a nuclear incident. The two countries also agreed to update an existing hotline between their military operations directors and reaffirmed that each side would maintain the moratorium on nuclear testing. There is currently no direct communication link between the nuclear command authorities of the two countries. In April 1996, at the third summit of Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Beijing, the two sides agreed to maintain regular dialogues at different levels and through several channels, including a public telephone line. On 3 May 1998, a telephone line between China and Russia was officially put into service. This is the first time that Beijing has set up a telephone line with the head of a foreign state. Ten years later, in March 2008, a telephone line was set up between the Chinese and Russian defence ministries to improve bilateral cooperation between the two states. The Russians and the Chinese exchanged views on the international and regional situation as well as other issues of common interest. 3.2 You guarantee that you are at least 18 years old and have the legal authority to enter into this agreement for the provision of the services provided by these Terms.

You agree that you are the primary account holder or owner of the Samsung product and that you have the right to make decisions regarding the maintenance of the Samsung product. They agree to be financially responsible for their entire use of the services, as long as the services can be billed. For Samsung to be able to effectively deliver the following services, you need an active Internet connection. 1.1 This legal reference (these “conditions”) applies to the remote diagnostic service (the “services”) and to all correspondences or transactions between you and the company (as defined below) with respect to services; in particular telephone support for certain technical problems in Samsung products, including household appliances (the “Samsung products”). Services consist mainly of remote support, analysis, diagnosis and troubleshooting of your Samsung product if your Samsung product has a technical problem and you access service servers and/or contact the company`s call center. Please read these conditions carefully before using the services provided. The use of the Services means that you agree to these conditions and that you also agree that the Services be provided in accordance with these Terms, which constitute an Agreement for Services between you and the Company (as defined in paragraph 1.3 below). If you do not accept these conditions, do not use the services. If, at any time, you do not wish to continue using the services during the services, the company will stop providing the services at your request. The communication link has proven its worth since its installation. For example, during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, the United States used it to avoid possible misunderstandings by the United States.