1. Supermarket offer on your credit card bonus or black credit card reward black credit card reward: 1% reward on all supermarket purchases on your Reward Black credit card (0.5% rewards at supermarket service stations). You can find these details about your credit contract, annual accounts or account screen in your online account. If the amount you pay in a month is less than the total amount you owe, we apply the amount you pay in the following order: a. unpaid arrears or amounts exceeding the credit limit; b. The amount you owe us and which is stated in your return; c. all transactions, interest or fees that are not yet included in a return. We will first apply your payment to the amounts on your account that we calculate at the highest interest rate, followed by the amounts we charge at lower rates. In all cases, interest and fees are paid first. If you miss a refund or if your refund is delayed, this will unfortunately be registered with a credit reference agency and could have an impact on your rating. If you apply online or over the phone, you will receive an immediate decision. If you are accepted, we will ask you to sign your credit agreement digitally so that we can complete the process more quickly.

This does not change the terms of your agreement with us, so we must continue to send you notifications regarding late refunds if we are required by law. You don`t have to do anything to respond to these communications as long as you don`t miss payments outside of this deferral. The credit card premium and the Reward Black credit card offer the following premiums: minimum credit limit of 250 euros, maximum credit limit subject to status. 1. The London Theatre`s official pre-sale offer for New Year`s sale is given by Mastercard® cardholders aged 18 who have only one Mastercard card issued by John Lewis Financial Services Limited. As a responsible lender, we take into account your personal circumstances when opening personal accounts or setting the corresponding amount of credit to grant you. To help us, applications can be evaluated with a process called credit rating. While a payment leave does not have a negative effect on your credit score, lenders may consider other information when making future credit decisions. This gives you the option to stop repayments for three months without affecting your creditworthiness.