Program sponsor: name of company or union sponsoring the apprentice Aggregated Statistical Information: The apprentice must provide DAS with his social security number, email address, date of birth, house number and corresponding boxes for gender, race, training and veteran status. All programs subject to compensation or licensing requirements must use applications and forms marked with “traditional.” All other programs must use forms marked “Expansion Industries.” Expansion sectors include new training, such as health. B, advanced manufacturing and technology. To be processed, all forms sent by e-mail to the Learning Standards Division must be complete (i.e. no missing fields or erroneous data) and be downloaded into Documents containing personal data (for example. B, Social Security number, date of birth) must be encrypted for a secure download. The Director and Assistant Director may establish and establish training conditions and standards for apprenticeship programs and apprenticeship contracts that cannot be substandard under the conditions or standards prescribed in Sections 11E to 11W; including, can establish and implement a timetable for progressive sanctions relating to the registration of apprenticeship programs, may be secretary of the apprenticeship system, may approve an apprenticeship program or a learning contract that meets the standards established in sections 11E to 11W, including, may terminate an apprenticeship program or apprenticeship contract in accordance with sections 11E to 11W, including certificates of completion of an apprenticeship diploma. Expected completion date: The date the apprentice completes the program and determines a traveller`s status (if a credit is granted for previous experiences, it must be taken into account when filling the closing date) Agreements can be submitted Union signature: if the sponsor of the programme is part of a union, the union must also sign an agreement. Section 11G. The Director of the Labour Standards Division and the Assistant Director, with the guidance and direction of the Learning Board, manages sections 11E at 11W, including, maintains records of apprenticeship programs and apprenticeship contracts and makes them available, works with the Ministry of Education and local school authorities to train apprentices to the standards established by the Principal and Assistant Director for the same occupation or occupational category, and performs the other tasks necessary to achieve the objectives of sections 11E to 11W included.