By enrolling in the Medicaid program, a provider agrees to accept Medicaid payments as a full payment for the services provided. A provider cannot enter into a private wage agreement with a recipient to accept a Medicaid fee for a specific service covered, then offer another updated service (usually a service that exceeds the scope of the Medicaid program) and only charge the recipient the difference in the fee between two services, in addition to Medicaid`s billing for the covered service. It is unacceptable to knowingly demand or recover a supplementary reimbursement of the Medicaid rights, unless the law allows it. Note: Due to the requirement to enter into the PRIOR reimbursement agreement, Medicaid recipients should never be charged for emergency services (excluding existing Medicaid supplements). A provider who does not participate in Medicaid service charges but has a contract with one or more managed care plans to serve Medicaid Managed Care or FHPlus members cannot charge Medicaid a service fee for services. Similarly, a provider cannot charge a recipient for benefits covered by the recipient`s Medicaid Managed Care or FHPlus contract, unless there is a prior agreement with the recipient to be considered a private salaried patient, as described above. The provider must inform the recipient that benefits can be obtained free of charge from a provider participating in the recipient`s managed care plan. The medicaid or FHPlus fee ban applies: to avoid late payments, hospitals are encouraged to ask MEVS for a patient`s current eligibility status and appropriate payer before preparing a Medicaid emergency application. CLAIMING PROBLEMS If suppliers find a problem with a request, they should first contact the CSC call centre at (800) 343-9000. If the right to a snack is included in the Medicaid Managed Care or the FHPlus benefit package, contact the participant`s managed bus plan. A provider who participates in Medicaid service charges may not charge Medicaid a service fee for services included in a recipient`s managed care plan, with the exception of family planning services, if a provider does not provide such services under a contract with the recipient`s health plan.