3. The approved objectives of the agreements covered in point 1 include: (b) the sharing of county and city personnel, equipment and facilities, including sewers, drainage systems, public lighting facilities, fire detection facilities, wastewater treatment plants, playgrounds, parks and recreation facilities , as well as public buildings built by the board of directors of district commissioners or by the county or city council concerned, and under these conditions and agreements and within the county territories. which can be determined to promote and protect the health, comfort, safety, life, well-being and property of residents of counties and cities. (f) the joint and cooperative use of enforcement services. b) For the performance of a contract, each participating public body conducts written documentation of the contractual terms at least three years after the contract is concluded. 3. When an authority of that state is a party to the treaty, it is approved by the Attorney General with respect to the form and respect of the law; and two. If it can reasonably be expected that a public body will be obliged: 1. All or more public bodies may enter into contracts with one or more other public bodies to provide services, activities or state-owned enterprises for the performance of contracts that one of the contracting public bodies is authorized to enter into. (1) fully define the objectives, powers, rights, objectives and responsibilities of the parties; c) the joint use of agents, stenographers and other officers in the offices of the city and county inspector, the municipal and district controller, the city and borough treasurer, or another joint city and borough office, established in the various counties or established below, under the conditions that may be set for the equitable distribution of the costs of the common city and borough office.

(e) sharing county and city personnel, equipment and facilities under these conditions and within areas of the county that can be defined, in order to promote and protect the health of county and city residents through regulation, control and prohibition of excessive smoke and air pollution emissions. (a) the sharing of hospitals, road and repair facilities and other facilities or services that can and can reasonably be used to promote and protect the health and well-being of residents of this state.