At Monarch, we believe in the best possible start for you and your baby. This begins even before you give birth.

What is involved in these classes?

Baby’s First Week: Parenting and Breastfeeding Workshop guides expecting parents through what to expect from birth to the first couple of weeks at home with the newest member of the family.

This workshop will build confidence and realistic expectations for the breastfeeding process, newborn care, and transition to parenting.

This hands on workshop is led by a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Topics include:

  • 1st 24 hours for mom and baby
  • What to expect at 48hrs postpartum
  • What to expect at home with the newborn
  • Breastfeeding basics (hunger cues, latching on, feeding positions, and hand expression)
  • How to deal with breastfeeding challenges (sleepy baby, engorgement, and sore nipples)
  • Jaundice
  • Newborn bath and diapering
  • Self care
  • Safe sleep
  • Resources and where to go for help

Who should attend these classes?

This class should be attended in your third trimester. Mothers are encouraged to bring a support person with them.

When are these classes offered?

Class is offered theĀ  once a month on Monday in the evening for about 2 hours or more as needed for questions. It starts at 630 pm.

Where is this class located?

Online via Zoom video meetings in the comfort of your home.


$35 per family plus applicable taxes.

To register:

Registration and payment are required in advance over the phone or in person 613-627-0795