How to Prepare for Your Visit

What to expect at the Cleopatra location during the pandemic:


What to expect at the Bank location during the pandemic:

What to expect:

Both mom and baby will be assessed at all appointments. Approximately 45 minutes will be spent with the nurse and physician. Waiting times can vary.

What to bring:

For registration, please bring health cards for mom and baby.

Pack spare diapers, wipes, and a blanket for your baby. If using supplements, bring milk too.

For the most beneficial visit, record feedings and number of diaper changes over the last 24 hours. Feel free to use our chart. Please have a complete record of baby’s weights with you.

If available, have the contact information of the family doctor/paediatrician that will be following the baby long term.


West Cleopatra location: There is very limited free street parking. To use the parking lot beside the building, it costs $3. There is a machine inside the building to purchase your token when exiting. It accepts cash, credit card, and debit.

Southeast Bank location is very accessible by public transit. The parking lot outside the building has a maximum fee of $12, and only accepts debit or credit. We recommend you pay for at least two hours.