If it is not possible to reach agreement on these rules or provisions, the contracting party concerned can take the necessary measures to avoid any circumvention. If one or more of the other parties to the proposed measure are reluctant, a satisfactory solution is sought in the EEA Joint Committee. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, appropriate action can be taken. In the absence of other means, these measures may include the revocation of the principle of free provision of shipping services between the parties, as set out in section 1 of the Regulation; The duly empowered officials of one of the contracting parties may, with the agreement of the other party and under the conditions set by the other party, receive information from the offices of the required authority or authority, on the violation of customs legislation which the applicant authority needs for the purposes of this protocol. with respect to agreements, decisions of business associations and concerted practices regarding distribution and supply agreements between non-competing companies, amounts resulting from the sale of goods or services subject to agreements, decisions or joint practices, and other products or services considered equivalent by users because of their characteristics , price and use; If the EEA Joint Committee has not reached an agreement on a solution within six months of the opening of these proceedings, or if the parties to the dispute have not decided to seek a decision from the European Court of Justice, a contracting party may, in order to remedy possible imbalances where reduced tariffs are applied to certain products under bilateral agreements between the Community and EFTA States, these rights are considered basic rights for each of the EFTA states concerned. On the community`s initiative, mutual recognition agreements from third countries on the assessment of compliance of products for which the use of a trademark is provided for by EU legislation are negotiated.