The QuestBride decision form is available on the Manage page. Finalists may begin to choose colleges for which they wish to apply if they do not agree or if they do not participate in the game.

@noobforce the form is expected tomorrow, October 13

“If you have not yet submitted your match-agreement form, please do so as soon as possible. We will continue to accept the form beyond the October 13 deadline. “

Hey, should the compliance form be available in a particular format? as pdf or jpg?

A QuestBridge application filed without this form for an advance decision I, II or a regular decision is considered incomplete and unverified. After sending this form, you waive your registration fee of $60 and you will receive your registration information on the candidate`s status page. 2020 College Match: Finalists participating in the university game are not required to submit this form. I also could not get the form turned up to last year`s deadline, only submit their rankings and that will be okay, qb includes 🙂

The guys, everybody knows how to submit this form. I just turned in my rankings, and a PDF of the form appeared, but I`m not sure to print it, sign it, scan it again or enter the computer or whatever. It doesn`t say anything. I`m really confused. Someone please.

-Finalists who do not match can check their options after the game for the schools that have evaluated them and/or continue with QuestBridge Regular Decision.

@hsinyehtsai Please note that all of our university partners have extremely competitive admission procedures, the finalists, which do not coincide, should also apply for a number of targeted and probably non-QuestBridge colleges, in which they are confident that they can be admitted. Submission of SAT or ACT exam results is optional for all applicants to Scripps College. You will find important information in our testing policy. Students may choose to consider their grades as part of their application. A student may decide to change their answer after their application by email. Finalists who have received a four-year scholarship to the school with which they met are admitted prematurely and must withdraw all other applications. EARLY DECISION AGREEMENT: I agree that my application should be considered as part of scripps College`s Early Decision Admission Program. I understand that in applying for an early decision, I suggest that Scripps College is my first choice and the only active request for an early decision that I have filed. In addition, if I am offered admission, I will accept the scripps College offer, withdraw all other applications and do not issue new ones.

I also understand that with an early offer of hospitality, Scripps can share my name and premature decision with other institutions.

The only thing to do tomorrow is the university list, isn`t it?”

Searches for our 42 college partners and has ranked up to 12 schools on the form of the match rankings that will be available from September 30 to October 15 on the student`s “Manage” page. Finalists participating in QuestBridge Regular Decision Match Day! Concordance results published on the Manage page. Early Decision Agreement FORMULAIRE SCRIPPS COLLEGE EARLY DECISION AGREEMENT If you are applying for an early decision program, please read the following statement and sign your name. The filing form is due. The Match Agreement Form (available after the match ranking form is sent) is also due on October 15. It must be signed by the applicant, their parent/counsellor and the school counsellor and downloaded from the Manage page.