If your contract is governed by the Consumer Credit Act, you have 14 days from receipt of the copy of your contract concluded by Santander Consumer Finance to terminate the contract. Please note that the revocation of the financing contract will not cancel the sale of the goods themselves. O DO NOT USE THESE FOR FUNDING, asked for a 3-month postponement due to CV19 they said ok, but wanted to discuss, called every day for 30 days and did not pass. Now you take the vehicle back and don`t let us pay for the missed payments and continue the deal, the absolute shower, we have 20 vehicles and this is the only 1 that has been a problem. juanker bankers Unfortunately, we cannot change the number of annual kilometers agreed on a personal sales contract, as it is taken into account in the calculation of the future guaranteed value of your vehicle at the beginning of your agreement. If you are concerned about your mileage, please contact the distributor first. Santander Consumer Finance is committed to making life easy and offers a range of car financing products that meet your needs. With different deposit percentages, contractual durations and options for the end of the contract, Santander has a number of products tailored to the typical needs of a consumer. Yes, you can pay your contract at any time and there is no penalty. To understand how much it`s going to be, just get a billing number by clicking on this link.