Evaluating Hyperbilirubinemia/Neonatal Jaundice at Monarch Centre

  • Jaundice affects approximately 60% of full-term, and 80% of pre-term babies in their first week of life
  • Condition typically resolves on its own, but in a small number of cases it can lead to a serious condition called kernicterus
  • Kernicterus is a largely preventable disorder, as long as babies are properly monitored and treated
  • Monarch Centre has the ability to do on-site bilirubin screening
  • We will monitor your baby closely if bilirubin levels are high, and when needed we will seamlessly transition you and your baby back to the hospital for further assessment and treatment

Check out the video below for more information about jaundice in the newborn.

A completed referral from your health care provider is required for an appointment. Monarch Centre equipment allows for in-clinic screening of bilirubin levels for babies who are 14 days old and younger. Babies born at the Civic or General Hospital can have the bilirubin levels monitored over a longer time frame.