The Sds Quality Assurance Framework helps you deliver high-quality training that benefits the learner. Information and instructions for training providers on individual training accounts sds, including ITA operating rules and instructions on the use of the course management tool. We will use Scotland`s share of the tax to promote qualifications, training and employment. In response to COVID 19, Pathway Apprenticeships was designed to help young people develop industry-recognized skills and develop their knowledge, skills and experience in a sector with prospects for the future. Training contract 20/21 Required signatures: Description of the nature of the apprentice, employer and offer: this email contains the training contract for apprenticeship. If you respond positively to this email, you confirm that you are taking the training with the help of your provider and that you have read and understood the agreement. Yes, providers must continue to provide all MA information to FIPS, keep all necessary documents and ensure that they are available on request for download to FIPS. It is particularly important to record the FIPS update for all licensed trainees, as this information is passed on to the PACE team, who then contact the PACE team.     It will also enable SDS to monitor labour market and training conditions and inform the Scottish Government and other stakeholders. Learning is offered by Skills Development Scotland, our national skills organisation. The Employability Fund supports young people through a number of local employment training programs. You`ll find a step-by-step guide to the entire training provider process with all the documents and publications you need in the Training Provider section on Apprenticeships.Scot.

Detailed information for training providers on the qualification of the “Introduction to the Workplace” qualifications, including the FAQ and the price availability model. Individual training accounts are designed to improve work-related skills and qualifications. They correspond to the definitions of training set by the Scottish Government. Modern learning helps employers develop their workforce by training new employees and continuing to employ existing workers. For individuals, an MA is a job that allows them to earn a salary and acquire a recognized qualification in the sector. To ensure that individual training accounts meet the needs of learners and the overall objectives of the program, training providers must demonstrate the quality and results of their courses. The Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Advisory Board offers the role of employer leader and contributes to the development of apprenticeship places in Scotland. In 2015, Scotland introduced an Equal Learning Opportunity Action Plan to help more young people from different backgrounds benefit from training opportunities.

In addition to the information mentioned above, SDS has expanded its interim measures to support assistance documentation for both the introduction of modern learning and training, which has disrupted provider activity due to the persistence of the COVID 19 pandemic. We are committed to ensuring that our national training programmes are accessible and support the development of a diverse workforce in Scotland.