(ii) Axia`s written and full acceptance of an order from the other party, unless that decision was previously revoked in writing by the other party, provided that such confirmation was signed on behalf of Axia by one or more persons entitled to conclude the agreement; or 6.2 Apart from the legislation and case law in this area, these terms and conditions of sale refer to force majeure as the set of external causes, whether anticipated or not, over which Axia cannot exert any influence, but over which Axia is unable to fulfil its obligations; Strikes in the company of Axia or by third parties, delay or not execution of their obligations by the suppliers or (sub) contractors involved, including the loss of harvest and diseases or plagues. Axia also has the right to avail itself of a case of force majeure if the circumstance that hinders the (continuation) of the implementation of the agreement occurs after Axia has had to fulfil its commitment. You can install an installation in the supplier`s base in the purchase view. In the Menu Purchase View, you go to EXtras – > Buy Data here we can add to the seller 14.2 all disputes related to the interpretation and/or execution of the agreement are submitted to the district court in The Hague, The Netherlands, as the first consultations took place after the parties. 14.3 The applicability of the “United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts” (Vienna Convention on the Right of Sale) is expressly excluded. 8.3 If the staggered payment is agreed, the total balance is due immediately in the event of a late payment and can be paid without delay. The provisions of the last sentence of paragraph 2 of this clause apply by analogy. (i) if the right seeds have been delivered; (ii) if the amount of seed delivered is in line with the agreed quantity; iii) if the seeds delivered meet the agreed quality requirements. (ii) circumstances which give Axia good reason to believe that the other party will not comply with its obligations are brought to Axia`s attention after the conclusion of the agreement; or 11.2 Delivered goods may not be used or offered, directly or indirectly, for the processing or reproduction of these products or cultivated plants.

7.7 The counterparty undertakes to insure the goods delivered subject to ownership and to insure it against damage caused by fire, explosion and water, as well as against theft, and to provide Axia with the insurance policy at her request. In the event of a possible payment on the insurance, Axia is entitled to this money. If necessary, the Other Party undertakes in advance with Axia to cooperate on anything that may be necessary or desirable to this extent. (iii) the other party was invited, after or after the conclusion of the contract, to pay an advance on the amount of the invoice or to provide guarantees for the performance of its obligations under the contract, and does not do so.