If the tenant is only allowed to stay in the UK for a limited period of time, you must write the cheque within 28 days of the start of the lease. In short, yes, the owners have the right to ask you for these documents. The landlord responsible for checking your visa and guaranteeing the legal rent and staying in the UK can delegate this to their landlord or administrator. At the beginning of a tenancy agreement, the landlord must always verify that the tenant has the right to rent in the UK by checking certain indications such as his passport and (if applicable) his visa. At the beginning of your rent, your landlord must: your landlord does not need to evict you because you are not entitled to rent. However, you are free to do so, provided you follow the appropriate procedure for your type of rent. Hello, is there a new law that requires tenants to go into a landlord and have to prove visa status and nationality and sign the annual renewal lease in the offices? If you are English with an English passport, do you have to do so? Even if you fulfilled your “right to lease” obligations at the beginning of the lease to ensure that the lease is legal, your rental visa may expire for the duration of the lease. Your owners are responsible for verifying your identity and all documents relating to your entry and stay in the UK at the beginning of your rental period (after 1 February 2016). The Voice of Tenants advises tenants to act with courtesy and common sense for all communications and businesses with their rental agreement.

If you suspect a violation of your rights, seek advice and support from a qualified professional. The Voice of Tenants Recommends Shelter www.shelter.org.uk/ 0808 800 4444 The general guide is that as long as you take reasonable steps to avoid this situation or to terminate the lease within a reasonable time, you should be able to build a defence against the rental offence to someone who is not entitled to rent in Britain. The owner may entrust the owner or manager with the right to rental cheques. Here, user Mark Gregory was asked to present his identity documents and prove his visa status.