This Agreement, including all facilities (if any), constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties, which supersedes all prior negotiations, agreements and obligations, whether written or oral related to this Lease. Any amendment to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by each party. There are no agreements, insurances or guarantees, unless this is expressly stipulated in these rules and no rights are granted. To disregard the importance of documentation for material possession in life is simple in some quotas. This way of thinking should not be the case when it comes to a lease in Ghana. You need to understand the importance of this document and its role. By definition, a rental agreement is a contractual agreement between a tenant and a lessor or landlord. The contract defines the roles of each party with respect to a leased or leased residential or commercial property. Ideally, this is a binding document that you should read about below. [LESSOR] and [tenant] are jointly referred to as “parties” in this housing rental agreement.

Before signing this document, both parties had the opportunity to fully verify it and consult a lawyer upon request. This document describes in a precise and complete manner the expectations and agreements between the parties regarding [IMMOBILIE] for the duration of this residential-tenant lease agreement. In addition, a lease or lease should comply with Ghanaian rental laws. The reference to these laws ensures that the interests of the tenant and those of the landlord are taken into account. Ghana`s rent control laws provide for the right and liability of both parties, the extent of their responsibilities and a deliberate statement that the lessor has agreed to rent or lease the property. The lease mentioned above is a binding contract, which means that all operations must be carried out within the limits of the rental document. What is remarkable is that these documents are written by people, but they should be based on the law. Read the document before signing if you are looking for real estate that you can rent or rent. In common grafting cases that involve real estate ownership, you need to be careful, as prevention is always better than cure. That the rent of the house ………. (Give a description) can be adjusted upwards after the end of the rental period.