The Idlib agreement appeared to reiterate a similar agreement reached last year between Russia and Turkey to end the Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria in order to drive out Kurdish authorities after the U.S. withdrawal from the region. Putin and Erdogan negotiated a deal for Syrian government forces, accompanied by Russian troops, to advance into areas previously guarded by Kurdish forces. Russia and Turkey are now conducting joint patrols in the region. First, it did not oblige the regime to abandon the territory conquered since last year and to retreat to the lines set by the Sochi agreement of September 2018 – which Turkey had repeatedly demanded. Instead, it has legitimized the new “reality” on the ground – that is, the territorial gains that Syrian regime forces and allied militias have been able to achieve since December. In recent years, Turkey and Russia have had to sit down several times at the negotiating table to reach an agreement on opposition-held areas in northwestern Syria. However, despite these agreements, the situation in the region, particularly in the northwestern province of Idlib, has only worsened and no clear solution is in sight. Akar said Turkey and Russia were working to make the ceasefire permanent, adding that Ankara and Moscow would establish joint coordination centers to monitor the agreement. On 5 March 2020, Russia and Turkey concluded a new ceasefire agreement comprising joint Russian and Turkish patrols of a 12-kilometre corridor along the M4 motorway through Idlib to Latakia. [84] The three-point agreement, read by the foreign ministers of both countries, also provided for the creation of a 12 km “security corridor” along the country`s crucial M4 motorway, which Russian and Turkish forces would patrol at the end of next week. The March 5 agreement is likely to follow the fate of all previous Idlib agreements and will soon disintegrate.

Some experts doubt that this agreement is different from the agreements between Ankara and Moscow on Idlib, which have not been successful. A Russian delegation arrived in Ankara this week to discuss the details of the agreement.