Monarch Centre provides a safe and secure transition for families following the birth of their child, with specialized and timely care. 

With a team of family physicians, nurses, and lactation consultants, Monarch Centre provides a range of health care services to families in the postpartum period. Services include: 

  • Newborn health assessments
  • Jaundice screening
  • Specialized newborn feeding support
  • Newborn screening and procedures
  • Postpartum assessments
  • Wound care
  • Breast pump rental service
  • Education & more

What to expect for your visit

Both the parent and baby are assessed during appointments.

A nurse/lactation specialist and a family physician will discuss newborn feeding, weight gain and output, newborn care concerns, and postpartum healing and recovery.

Please note:

You will receive an email or text with appointment information 24-48 hours after discharge from The Ottawa Hospital.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed.


Frequently asked questions about appointments

Families who give birth at The Ottawa Hospital are referred to the Monarch Centre. Please discuss this option with your hospital care team prior to discharge.

Referred families will receive an email or text with the appointment information 24-48 hours following their discharge home from the hospital.

See referrals page for information on appointments for tongue-tie assessments, jaundice screening, and specialized lactation support. 

Appointments are about 45 minutes long; wait-times vary. 

The parent and baby must both attend the appointment; one support person can also attend. Unfortunately, no other children are permitted at appointments. 

Please bring your health cards, including baby’s temporary health card. Bring diapers, wipes, blankets, and any feeding supplies needed.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled according to parent and newborn needs. Most families have 1-3 appointments before being discharged to their primary care provider or pediatrician. 

Our team is aware that families are facing unprecedented challenges with accessing community-based care. Given the shortage of primary care providers (family doctors, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, midwives) in Ottawa, there may be instances where a healthy family is discharged from Monarch Centre before they have found a provider. See our resources for where to access care for your newborn. 

Paid parking (debit/credit) and street parking are available at the West (Cleopatra Drive) location.

Paid parking (debit/credit) is available at the Southeast (Bank Street) location.

Both locations are wheelchair and stroller accessible. 

Monarch Centre is happy to accept Québec patients who are referred by The Ottawa Hospital. Québec residents must pay for services at time of visit. Fees can be submitted to RAMQ for reimbursement.

Meet Our Team

David Millar, MD

Executive Director, Medical Lead

Jen Chew, MD


Jos Anderson, MD

Physician, IBCLC

Colleen Mir, MD

Colleen Mir, MD


Tara Parsons, BScN

Director of Patient Care, IBCLC

Allison Ferri, bScN

Nurse, IBCLC