For healthcare providers referring patients to Monarch Centre.

Send a Referral

Health care providers can make a referral to Monarch Centre by faxing the referral form to 613-226-7059.

information for referring Providers

Referrals for jaundice screening can be made by a health care provider for babies who are less than 7 days of age and were born at The Ottawa Hospital. 

Monarch Centre’s breastfeeding medicine care is provided by Dr. Josdalyne Anderson, a physician with a focused practice on Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine. Dr. Anderson treats patients with complex medical challenges in the parent-baby dyad that impact feeding and/or lactation. 

Families should first access community lactation consultants for issues with latch, position, and initial milk production. For community-based lactation resources, please see and

For dyads with medically complex issues for which feeding issues persist after community-based lactation support, please continue to request a consult using the referral form. See page 2 of form for additional consult criteria.